List of Foods Rich in Potassium

List of Foods Rich in Potassium

Foods with Potassium Serving SizePotassium (mg)
Apricots, dried10 halves407
Avocados, raw1 ounce180
Bananas, raw1 cup594
Beets, cooked1 cup519
Brussel sprouts, cooked1 cup504
Cantaloupe1 cup494
Dates, dry5 dates271
Figs, dry2 figs271
Kiwi fruit, raw1 medium252
Lima beans1 cup955
Melons, honeydew1 cup461
Milk, fat free or skim1 cup407
Nectarines1 nectarine288
Orange juice1 cup496
Oranges1 orange237
Pears (fresh)1 pear208
Peanuts dry roasted, unsalted1 ounce187
Potatoes, baked,1 potato1081
Prune juice1 cup707
Prunes, dried1 cup828
Raisins1 cup1089
Spinach, cooked1 cup839
Tomato products, canned sauce1 cup909
Winter squash1 cup896
Yogurt plain, skim milk8 ounces579

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