Potassium-rich foods deter muscle cramps

Potassium-rich foods deter Muscle Cramps

What can I eat to help reduce muscle cramping?
Spring is in full swing and park paths are full of joggers and walkers shedding that winter weight. Bananas are a good source of potassium rich, and too low a level of this mineral may be one cause of muscle cramping.
Potassium rich foods, an essential nutrient in the diet, is an electrolyte -- an ionized salt in the body that can become electrically charged. Potassium and sodium work together across cell membranes to regulate muscle contractions, among other critical body functions. If there's too little potassium, a condition called hypokalemia can result.
Symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness and cramping, intestinal complications, and in a worst-case scenario, muscular paralysis.The recommended daily amount of potassium is 2,000 milligrams for anyone 10 years or older, but some health authorities recommend up to 3,500 milligrams a day to help reduce high blood pressure.
Potassium Rich Foods include :
  • a medium baked potato with skin (721 mg),
  • one-half cup dried prunes (633 mg),
  • one-half cup raisins (598 mg)
  • six fluid ounces of prune juice (530 mg).
  • Potassium-rich foods in the middle range include :
  • a medium banana (467 mg),
  • six ounces of orange juice (354 mg),
  • one-half cup cooked lima beans (478 mg)
  • one-half cup cooked spinach (419 mg).
  • Lower (but still good) sources of potassium include:
  • one ounce almonds (211 mg),
  • a medium tomato (273 mg)
  • an ounce of sunflower seeds (241 mg).
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Great information about muscle.

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Thank you for this blog. Banana, indeed is high in potassium. Personally, I eat it fresh and sometimes included in desert recipes.

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