Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium Rich Foods

If you are deficient in something, potassium included, then consume more of it, in this case food, but does that include potassium rich foods?
Potassium and its significant counterpart, Sodium, often are completely misunderstood when it comes time for one to explain it. In fact, those self-declared health geniuses that are clueless about the benefits of each component and the fact that they work hand in hand within your body is a fundamental detail that is often missed in today's healthy diet commentary.
Worse, are the healthy eat and diet nuts that are quick to point to the banana as an excellent source of Potassium, but in the same breath ridicule anyone who adds salt (or sodium) to their daily diet.
Potassium and Sodium both, work in harmony with each other in your body. Potassium itself is a mineral. In an attempt to simplify a seriously complex explanation, Potassium resides on the inside of your cells, while Sodium resides in the fluid surrounding each cell. When proper levels of each are in place, your body works in optimal fashion. Keeping the two balanced, Potassium and Sodium both in check, ensures both your nerves and muscles function properly. Logically, one might think if you were depleted of Potassium, you should simply change your diet. Just because you are eating potassium rich foods that are healthy, does not conclude you are on the right path, at all.
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ruzzel01 said...

Banana is number one. I always buy it on the supermarket.
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